The new collection, Medieval, is an innovator wall panelling system which objective is to integrate the natural stone tradition with the most up dated technique of assembly. We are facing a new way of interior and exterior wall and façade cladding where the natural stone plays a major role. The Medieval Collection represents a revolution in the traditional masonry. This collection adds to the assembly process big pebbles which create traditional stonework sensations and more natural stonework looks.

The innovation of this large format cladding lies in the incorporation of a new glue system that doesn’t need cement or any other element as a supporting base. This new technique avoids using intermediate components between the wall and the stone preventing mid or long term damages, and easing the structure of unnecessary burden.

And the finish touch of this collection are its corners, made in one block in “L” shape achieving creating a bulky block feeling instead of the panelling look.


Some work done with medieval collection

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