Tiles are the result of a long manufacturing process. Starting with an irregular natural stone, we work it and cut it to obtain a product for easy placement.

All our stones are rectified and calibrated, and many of them come into packages. Due to their characteristics and because they are a high quality material, they are perfect for exterior placement as well as for interiors, wall paneling and flooring.

These natural stone tiles are ideal as anti-slip pavements, for wet floors or garage slopes due to their natural texture. Due to their multiple functions are appropriate for pool shores, garden walls, stone facades or paneling interiors. The limit is up to you.

Installation instructions of tile stones


Installation instructions of tile stones


The first step is to verify if the material (model, form and quality) that you have received is the same that you have chosen. Check with the delivery note. You should do this verification checking the labels of the product and opening the boxes and seeing the stones, additionally you should check if the material is suitable for the use you will give. You should consider the size and features of the construction, because could have reductions when you cut the material.


  • The surface must be dry, clean, with no loose parts and plumb.
  • The material to stick the stones depends on the features of the surface, climatic conditions, use, etc. By general rule, the adhesive recommended will be C2 according to UNE 12004/12002. Check and follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions. The stone will have to be clean and dry, with no dust and no small flakes.
  • Installation, the pieces will be mixed of several pallets for to get a homogeneous colour (tone). The adhesive will be always applied with double glue. The glue should be installed over the wall and on the back of the stone. It is necessary to use separators between the pieces, at least 2mm, and to slate tiles at least 3mm. These separators will not be filled, if you want to fill them, you must use an elastic and deformable material. Moreover, you have to respect dilatation joints of the construction and add them if it is necessary according with the size of the construction site. You should not use a manual grinder because it can transmit to the product a lot of vibrations and it can be damaged. It is not necessary to put mechanical moorings because the pieces are small and will be stuck how the previous instructions.
  • Cleaning, at the time of the installation you must use a damp sponge. When you finish the installation, you must remove every rests completely. Sometimes could be necessary a cleaning before putting the material in case of a specific treatment.
  •  Treatments. when was necessary, by aesthetic causes or by necessity, it applies always following the manufacturer's instructions. You always should verify if the treatment is correct. Do not forget that the treatments need maintenance over time.


Always is very important to remember that the stones are natural products, and they are subject to variations of their shades, changes of composition and alterations of their texture, which are not imperfections, this is a certificate that you are using natural products.

All our recommendations are based on ours experiences, so could be different depend on the applications, conditions of the construction, support… you should consult the current normative. We aren’t responsible of a bad installation or bad use of our products.



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