Installation instructions of irregular stones


Installation instructions of irregular stones


  • The surface must be clean, with no loose parts and plumb. It is recommended a surface with certain granulation for better adhesion of the bonding mortars. You should consider how is the surface where you want to put the stones, because it can decrease when the stone is cut. This is very important because it is a natural product and they can be difference between shipments.
  • The material to stick will be a mix of sand and cement 4/1
  • The material to joint the pieces will be a mix of sand and cement 3/1. Besides, you can add pigments to obtain the colour wished.
  • The stone should be clean and dry. If there are rest of dust, particles or small scales should be eliminated with water or with a brush.
  • Installation: the stones of several boxes and pallets should be mixed for to get a homogeneous colour (tone).
  • The adhesive will be always applied with double glue. The glue should be installed over the wall and on the back of the stone. You need to use joints. These joints will be filled with a mix of sand and cement 3/1 or with special products. Dilatation joints of the construction will be respected and you should add more if they are necessary. Depending on the height, we may add metallic moorings. Each construction should be studied independently.
  • The cleanness is very important. If there are cement’s rests on the face of the stone, we must eliminate immediately, or then will be very difficult or impossible.


All our recommendations are based on our experiences, so could be different depending on the applications, conditions of the construction, support…, you should consult the current normative. We aren’t responsible of a bad installation or bad use of our products. Remember the stones are natural products, and they are subject to variations of their shades, changes of composition and alterations of their texture, which are not imperfections, this is a certificate that you are using natural products.



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