Irregular flagstones

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The material that comes directly out from the quarry is called irregular flagstones: strong, clean and in its purest form. This material is used as nature has made it, with different shapes that are intertwined to show a traditional work. It can be put in facades with mortar or placed directly on the ground to make garden floors. Quartz stone is really suited to make all kind of stone floors, such as promenades, garage slopes, stone sidewalks, as it provides a smooth surface and anti-slip texture. Generally the thickness goes from 2 to 3 cm, but we can adjust thickness to construction needs. This material is appropriate for interiors as well as for exteriors, pavements or panelling. Quartz is the hardest stone what allow us to use them in less thickness offering the same technical characteristics as other thicker stones. Textures depend on the stone formation, from the smooth slates, to the medium roughness of the quartzite and to the abruptness of the sandstones. Irregular flagstones are ideal for flooring, stone facades, stone walls and for all places where you want to put natural stone spending not much money.   Amarillo diamante Amarillo limón Arenisca CL Azul Dorada Blanco oriental […]

Guillotined masonry

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Where the weather is extreme, the materials must to stand the test of time. Under the conditions where water and ice are common, it is best to protect our home with a natural barrier to guarantee temperature stability. Guillotined masonry is made in two ways selecting natural stones from the quarry or guillotining them in requested sizes in order to adapt customer demands. It complies with all the requirements, they are stones and quartzite with a 10-12 cm thickness, free heights and lengths, and customized to make easy the stonemasons’ work. This stone is really suited to make all kind of outside stone walls, stone facades, garden walls, as it provides you a natural thermal insulation.   Arenisca Marrón y negro Ibiza Gris Azulado Gris azulado Natural Gris oriental Multicolor Multicolor Natural Seleccion Negro Antracita Piedra pais Rodeno granate Rodeno verde Some worke done with guillotined masonry 17474 0 3717 0

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