Swimming pools and workshop

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In our Zaragoza ́s headquarter we have the latest and equipped workshop in order to be able to fulfill all special customer requests. The availability of big slabs of slate, quartz, limestone, sandstone, enables us to make special pieces such as countertops, corbels, steps, windowsills and other special pieces cut in the sizes demanded by our customers.   Crema Montana Super Blanco Negro Lunar Blanco Abujardado Madera Clara Esquina interior


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This natural stone has very little water absorption, which is ideal for its use on building roofs from places with harsh weather. Currently and with the use of technology, we can work this material to turn it into tiles and use it for wall panelling as well as for flooring. The slate is a natural stone facing which it is frequently used in bathrooms. His pleasing texture and his perfect adaptability to wet spaces make it possible. Last but not least, it is also suitable for trendy constructions, alone or combined with other colors. In addition, the availability of big slabs enables us to make special pieces such as countertops, corbels and steps...   Verde Alpe Multicolor Nature Multicolor Calibrada Gris Verde Ceniza Antracita Some work done with slates 12854 0 12854 0 12854 0 12854 0 12854 0 12854 0 12854 0 12854 0 12854 0 12792 0 12783 0


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Tiles are the result of a long manufacturing process. Starting with an irregular natural stone, we work it and cut it to obtain a product for easy placement. All our stones are rectified and calibrated, and many of them come into packages. Due to their characteristics and because they are a high quality material, they are perfect for exterior placement as well as for interiors, wall paneling and flooring. These natural stone tiles are ideal as anti-slip pavements, for wet floors or garage slopes due to their natural texture. Due to their multiple functions are appropriate for pool shores, garden walls, stone facades or paneling interiors. The limit is up to you.   Robleda rústica Robleda Oro Amazónica fósil Amazónica sin fósil Gris Oriental Gris metálica Rodeno Rojo Sabana Negra Sabana Azul Sabana marrón Some work done with tiles Sabana Negra 18206 0 18206 0 18206 0 18206 0

Flamed stone

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This finish is accomplished by applying thermal impact to the stone. The result is a lightly structure surface, flake look a like, which allows to see the natural colour of the stone, making it a non-slip rough texture. Appropriate for wall panels as well as for floors.   Negro Lunar Flameado

Split finish

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Split finish is the stonework done on the natural stone’s surface by tapping the chisel with a club hammer; the chisel then, splinters the surface of the stone. This way, with each split, we achieve a similar texture of the material when is taken out of the quarry, an abrupt surface full of colour richness.

Saw cut

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Natural stone is cut with a diamond cut-off wheel. This way, we get an even surface with some semicircular line from the wheel itself. Due to the composition and disposition of this stone, this stonework is ideal to be able to see its colours and tones.   Madera Clara Madera oscura Some work done with saw cut 10033 0 10033 0 10033 0 10033 0 10033 0 9972 0


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The quickest definition of honed finish would be of a polished finish but without shine. Its smooth feel and the matt finish make it the perfect material for trendy construction, where we will find uniform colours and interesting stone sensations.


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The quarry is the artwork of carving the stone for its use in construction works; from this traditional work comes the classic bush-hammered finish, performed by repeatedly tapping the surface of the stone with bush hammers. This type of material is specially recommended for exteriors due to its non-slip texture.

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