Treatments for stones.

When we speak about stone we are speaking about a natural and noble material which is formed and consolidated for thousands of years. The features of strength and durability are the consequence of the stone was one of the main materials used by the humans for the construction. It is recommended to protect the stone of extern agents (pollution, climatic factors, graffiti,..) that have an impact on the stone.

Currently, we can find a lot of types of products, from Piedras de Galicia we recommend the brand Fila by our experience. Fila is leader enterprise of the sector, and it has a big variety of products, from cleaners, treatments wet effect, hydro-repellent, and others much products to keep the features of the natural stone. For any doubt, please contact with Piedras de Galicia or Fila enterprise.

Installation of natural stones

Download the recommendations for a correct installation of the stone:



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